Sunday, July 17, 2005

FIX protocol

Recently reading thru the job postings in the web site I notice all these jobs with C++ requirements. However most of the fix engines in the website seem to be written in Java. What is going on? Seems to me, .. someone is being left behind. Its like Goldman Saks got the Cambridge C++ Fix engine and held it together with a pile of C++ guys for years before finally jumping on a Java product from Appia I believe. I know that the feed data is just screaming, since the switch to pennies but to find C++ people who can program so no core dumps, and the rest forget it, if they know that then they don't know the applications arena, the math etc.

Oh by the way I started a blog website initially for my kids to use but miserable specimens as they are it never really got used. So maybe we can use it for FIX blogging. Seems there is a growing community. Also I can add CMS protocol if there is any interest. Who knows with the merger with Arca, the NYSE (building) will become a museum and the specialist a very endangered species. He will have to get his market making software up and running and sit there like the rest of us with only the public knowledge of orderflow...ouch!!


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